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19 June 2018Votes for Women: Suffragettes & Female Politicians: an evening lecture
15 May 2018Laura Knight or Evelyn Dunbar: who was the greater artist?
17 April 2018The Role of the Arts in the Cycle of crime, prison and re- offending
13 April 2018Architecture Now
20 March 2018T.E Lawrence, Leonard Woolley & the Wilderness of Zin
20 February 2018The Colour Explosion: 19th Century saw the greatest colour achievements of natural dyes and The 19th Century Colour Explosion
16 January 2018The Art and Architecture of Travel
12 December 2017George Cruikshank: Caricaturist,Illustrator, Philanderer
21 November 2017Three Great Families and Their Gardens: Astors, Rothschilds and Sackville-Wests
10 November 2017The Language of Clothes SID)
17 October 2017Carl & Karin Larsson and the Ikea effect
19 September 2017The Art of the Joke: From Medieval Monks to the Visual Pun
20 June 2017The story of the Cook sisters and how they used opera to save lives.
16 May 2017Gems from Life: from Flies to Elephants
18 April 2017Theatrical Personalities of the 20th Century: Evans, Gielgud, Richardson, Olivier and Ashcroft.
21 March 2017Julia Margaret Cameron: Pioneer Photographer 1816 - 1879
21 February 2017The Power of Jewellery: Adornment and Ritual from Pre-history to the Present.
17 January 2017Undressing Antiques.
20 December 2016Is Christmas in Good Taste?
15 November 2016The Day Parliament Burned Down.
18 October 2016Art UK: Uncovering the Nation's Hidden Oil Painting Collection
07 October 2016Twentieth Century Sculpture
20 September 2016Lancelot 'Capability' Brown (1716-1783) Landscape, Art and Dame Nature
20 October 2015Edward Seago: Landscape Perfectionist and Royal Favourite
15 September 2015The Myth of Agincourt: Knights, Armour and what really happened 600 years ago!
19 June 2015East Anglia NADFAS Area lecture: Frida Kahlo & Diego Rivera: The Golden Age of Mexican Painting.
16 June 2015Britain with Betjeman
09 June 2015Silver Jubilee of Diss Decorative & Fine Arts Society
19 May 2015Hedonistic Paris: Life, Art and Culture in Paris during the jazz age
21 April 2015 Joseph Wright of Derby and the Lunar Society
17 March 2015CHANGE OF LECTURE: From the Sublime to the Political
17 February 2015The Fine Art of Crime
20 January 2015Art and the Napoleonic Wars
16 December 2014The Victorian Christmas
18 November 2014The Lindisfarne Gospels
21 October 2014 Dance: Manners, Morals and Class
16 September 2014SHARPS and FLATS, flint building in East Anglia
15 July 2014FROM BISCUITS TO BLOUSES - new date - please alter your diary and the membership card
17 June 2014Meet me at the Waldorf.
20 May 2014War Artists - Spies and the Art of Deception
15 April 2014From biscuits to Blouses! - THIS LECTURE HAS HAD TO BE TRANSFERRED TO A LATER DATE. The lecture hall at Roydon is undergoing building work during April - see new lecture entry for July 2014.
18 March 2014How to be Good! Victorian narrative painting
18 February 2014Imperial Purple to Denim Blue: the Colourful History of Textiles - see News page for report on this lecture
21 January 2014London's Squares and Townhouses in the 17th and 18th Centuries - See News page for reort on this lecture
17 December 2013 The Journey of the Magi - See News page for report on this Christmas lecture
19 November 2013John Ericson: The Corkscrew: The Corkscrew: a thing of beauty!
15 October 2013 Looking at Modern Art
17 September 2013The Boy Who Bit Picasso
18 June 2013The Glamour Holiday
21 May 2013Ha-Has - from Hermits to Stowe
16 April 2013Travels in Rajasthan with Rudyard Kipling
19 March 2013The Art of Advertising SEE NEWS REPORT ON THIS LECTURE FROM MARCH 2013
19 February 2013The Glasgow Boys & Scottish Colourists. SEE NEWS REPORT ON THIS LECTURE FROM FEBRUARY 2013
15 January 2013Mrs Beeton presents........SEE NEWS REPORT ON THIS LECTURE FROM JANUARY 2013
18 December 2012Dickens and the Theatre - SEE NEWS REPORT ON THIS LECTURE FROM DECEMBER 2013
20 November 2012The History of the Long Case Clock SEE NEWS REPORT ON THIS LECTURE FROM NOVEMBER 2013
16 October 2012Lautrec - On the walls of Paris!.........SEE NEWS REPORT ON THIS LECTURE FROM OCTOBER 2013
18 September 2012The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood
19 June 2012The Art and Beauty of Old Maps of the World
15 May 2012Petra; the Rose-Red City
17 April 2012From Gothic Revival to International Rail Terminus: the story of St Pancras
20 March 2012Matisse and Picasso; Half a Century of Friendly Rivalry

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Votes for Women: Suffragettes & Female Politicians: an evening lecture Dr. Caroline Shenton Tuesday 19 June 2018

To mark the centenary of women first getting the vote, this lecture will explore the story of the suffragettes through portrayals in art and their own artistic productions; also looking at how contemporary artists choose to portray female politicians in our own time and the controversies surrounding these depictions.