12 June 2018Votes for Women
10 October 2017Corn Hall Refurbishment
14 September 2016Diss Corn Hall
26 February 2016Unrecognised email addresses and Feedback Problems
25 February 2016CHANGE OF VENUE
16 February 2016Painting around Australia
19 January 2016The Duc de Berry and his Glorious Hours
15 December 2015Norman Rockwell's Christmas Wish
17 November 2015Robert Cockerell - One Architect, Two Temples and Three Museums!
20 October 2015Edward Seago: Landscape Perfectionist and Royal Favourite
15 September 2015The Myth of Agincourt: Knights, Armour and what really happened 600 years ago!
21 June 2015Britain with Betjeman
25 May 2015Paris in the Jazz Age
19 May 2015We are still looking to recruit our Publicity Officer - Could you help in one of the three areas of activity?
21 April 2015Joseph Wright and the Lunar Society
25 March 2015From the Sublime to the Political - Linda Smith's March Lecture
17 March 2015Young Arts Project at Hartismere School
24 February 2015Are YOU our next Public Relations Officer?
18 February 2015The Fine Art of Crime - Malcolm Kenwood
17 February 2015Anniversary Lecture. LARS THARP "The importance of living up to ... one's teapot." Tickets are be available for our special Silver Jubilee event from 17th February.
25 January 2015Art and the Napoleonic Wars by Lois Oliver
20 January 2015Change of Lecture for March 2015
23 December 2014The Victorian Christmas
23 November 2014The Lindifarne Gospels presented by Imogen Corrigan
28 October 2014The Manners, Morals and Class of Dance
22 October 2014Sharps and Flats
12 September 2014Young Arts support for Hartismere School
15 July 2014From Biscuits to Blouses!
17 June 2014Meet me at The Waldorf
28 May 2014Annual General Meeting - 2014
20 May 2014The Spy who came in with the artists!
21 March 2014How to be Good – Victorian Moral Style
25 February 2014Imperial Purple to Denim Blue
24 January 2014Going up West! Phillippa Barton on London Squares & Town Houses in 17th & 18th C
13 January 2014Andy McConnell Special Interest day is Sell Out
01 January 2014Young Arts project at Burston School is formally opened
01 January 2014The journey of the Magi - and lo a wise man came from the south!
02 December 2013Waiter, there’s a worm in my cork
17 September 2013Getting your teeth into Picasso and Surrealism!
16 July 2013The Glamour Holiday The grand era of travel in the 1920s & 1930s.
15 June 2013Life & Death in Pompeii & Herculaneum
23 April 2013Tour to Belgium in October has not attracted sufficient interest.
23 April 2013a JUST SO lecture for April by Elizabeth Merry.
19 March 2013March Lecture - It Pays to Advertise - Art in Advertising by Harry Fletcher
19 February 2013February Lecture: Two for the Price of One, Anne Anderson on The Glasgow Boys and the Scottish Colourists.
15 January 2013January Lecture Mrs. Beeton beats the Snow
02 January 2013December Lecture
01 December 2012November Lecture
30 November 2012Diss DFAS leads the way
16 November 2012Glass to Art at Burston Primary School
16 October 2012October Lecture
18 September 2012September Lecture
09 July 2012Young Arts Award to Diss High School Arts Students
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19 June 2012June Lecture
12 June 2012Special Interest Day - Holkham & Houghton
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01 March 2012Church Recorders' March 2012 Update
24 February 2012Diss Manorial Map 1637
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Votes for Women
Tuesday 12 June 2018

This was the final lecture of the 2017-2018 season, taking place, unusually, in the evening in the Corn Hall, and celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Suffrage Act and the 50th anniversary of the Arts Society (originally NADFAS).

An appreciative audience heard about the struggle to extend suffrage to women, starting in the 1860s with the suffragists and extended later by their more militant sisters, the suffragettes.

Information, anecdotes and illustrations added much, by general agreement, to the knowledge of those present.

1918 saw the passage of the Suffrage Act which granted the right to vote to a limited number of women, full suffrage being finally granted in 1930.