Church Recorders set out to discover and document forgotten, hidden and sometimes just plain overlooked British heritage. They make records of the content of churches, including their memorials, precious metals, woodwork, vestments, stained glass and many other aspects of church property.

Our team is working at the rate of one church every two years or so. There is thus rarely time to get bored with the current task. When the record is complete it is formally presented to the church, who invariably find it an extraordinarily valuable document. Copies are also lodged with the County Record Office, Historic England (formerly English Heritage), the Council for the Care of Churches and the V&A Museum.

We have now completed records for nine churches in our area, the latest being St Mary, Rickinghall Inferior, the record for which was presented on 7th February. St Peter, Palgrave is now in the last throes of fieldwork. We expect to move, this Spring, to All Saints, Shelfanger. More than a few interesting and/or historically important items and artefacts have been discovered in our work to date.

The team usually meet every second Monday morning for a couple of hours’ work and then repair to a local hostelry for lunch, before returning home to write up the day’s findings. Maintaining the social theme, they also throw a party for themselves twice a year. All in all, a most enjoyable pastime.

The team would be delighted to welcome new volunteers, who will be given every assistance to understand the job in hand. If you have a feel for history and heritage, and would like to join in or learn more, please contact us through .