Catherine Ward and her colleagues quickly became part of the Houghton House team during the exhibitions in 2013 / 2014. They were well appreciated by the family and management.  This was quite a commitment but thoroughly enjoyable.

Members read about this particular aspect of our Heritage Support work in the Spring Newsletter 2014

.....but, of course, you could be involved yourself, if you are able, by assisting with the five projects we undertake as part of the charitable contribution Diss DFAS makes locally.

In addition to assisting at Houghton they are:


1. Surveying and researching the notable gardens of Suffolk [not just the ones we know about]. This is in conjunction with The Suffolk Gardens Trust and York University for the Parks and Gardens Data Project and will form part of a national database when it is finished. This requires visits to the Records Office, the gardens and finally some data entry on a computer. No-one is required to do anything that they don't like doing!  A lot of different skills are required for this one so everyone should be able to find something they enjoy doing.

2. Research into life at the time of the Diss Manorial Map of 1637. So far we have examined 11 different aspects. They include some of the pubs, the hemp industry, some aspects of the life of women at the time, medications of the time, who owned what land, games and traditions, books and libraries, St Mary's Church, and the reign of Charles I. We would welcome more. The map stretches from Fair Green to The Heywood, so there is plenty left to do, for example farming, education, flour mills.

In addition to the regular areas of support we have also assisted at Diss Museum and acted as stewards at Euston Hall.  These support opportunities are currently under review but we would like to continue to provide staff in both cases.  As usual it depends on having a suitable group of available members or others recruited through Diss DFAS.  If you can help or would like to know more or you are interested in helping please contact us at